Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scout Outing

Our scout master arranged to have the scout visit the news studio of KCRA. They had a chance to watch a broadcast, get a tour of the studio, and sit and talk about the profession of a metorologist with Dirk Verdorn. We had a great time. Stopped by Leatherby's on the way home and ate an obscence amount of ice cream.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Air Temp of 48F

I believe it started with "Uncle Sean, I brought my swim trunks, can I jump off your roof?"
"Kurt, it's freezing outside and it's raining..... You must have asked your Dad this question what did he say?" Kurt "He said it's fine." Me "What? Really?" Gerry "I don't care, I'm tired of trying to talk him out of doing it." Me (I kind of sound like a Mom here) "You understand if you get hurt, or the water is so cold you inhale underwater, your Dad and I aren't coming in after you right? And if you hurt yourself, you have to wait until after Christmas eve dinner to walk yourself to the ER, because you're not goofing up dinner right?" Kurt "Yeah, sure." Me "Well great, let me go get my camera then!"
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Card That Wasn't

This was almost the card that was sent out. It's a nice photo, everyone looks nice. We shot about 20 that day. We ordered this picture, and finally I said, "listen, I don't really care that much, if you want to send it fine.....but the top of my head is missing. I know this is the photo that all the kids look good, you like you, I like you too, but again... not that I'm picky... the tippy top of my head... it's gone. If we can send the cards out a little late, I'll shoot a picture after church or something."

Suzi was kind enough to agree, so we did. However, I still like this photo alot.
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Friday, December 26, 2008

It's just not right! Where is the loyalty?

Suzi and I came home from shopping and I realized that the boys are out and about. For the first time since Christmas morning they aren't glued to the carpet in front of the TV from morning until midnight either playing new games, or watching a movie. I said to Suzi:

Me- You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go in there play their dumb games and delete all their data while they're out. 
Suz- Why? 
Me- Because anytime I touch that PS3, that's what they do with my stuff. And you know what I'll just say? The same stupid thing they say, I didn't know what I was doing! It was an accident, I swear. Sorry. Watch, they are going to trip! 

Hannah walks by both of us, apparently she was behind me the whole time, I didn't see the little beautiful rat, and she says:

Hannah: Just so you know...... (finger pointing at me, with dramatic pause), I heard the whole thing...... yes I did...... just so you know mister.
Me- What? What's that suppose to mean? (As I'm speaking to her, she continue to walk past me, raises her finger in the air, turns her back to me completely and continues into the house.)
Me- You know those two would never defend you! Why are you sticking up for them?!

She didn't even respond.  Just kept on walking. 

Ugh...10 year old girls, who do they think they are with their whole perfect world ideals? Trying to stop me from creating madness in my own home. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ugh! I give up....

Shooting a Christmas card photo in our family is quite an event. A couple of words come to mind to summarise the event: madness, tears, side splitting laughter, anger, persistence, threats, compromise, and good enough.
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Friday, December 19, 2008

What a girl wants!

Mom-Hannah Shea what do want for Christmas?
Hannah-Oh, I'd like a starbucks card for hot chocolate.
Mom-Thats it?
Hannah- Yep.

You got what!?

So let me try to paint this picture for you so you can enjoy this, or not enjoy this as much as possible. 

I came home from work, and sat down at the kitchen table where everyone hangs around from the moment they get home, until we eat dinner. It's always noisy with the six of us doing six different things, and all of us trying to talk over the top of one and other. 

The kids and I were sitting/ standing around the table when Suz came into the room and announced "I got the kids grades today." And I responded "oh, good. How did they all do?Everything turn out well?" Suzi does a great job with the kids, they all are brilliant kids, and they all get fantastic grades. 

Suzi say's "yeah, everyone did well." Here's where sometimes it's a little funny to be a member of our family. We tend to talk about everything in front of everybody. Accidentally, we know better, but we do. Suzi continues with kind of a tone of suspect, squinted eyes looking at Hannah, "yeah, everyone did great. However, Hannah got a 2 on "shows respect for others" and a 2 on "using time wisely." 

Two things: First 2 is a baaadd grade on a scale of 1-4. Not good. Second Hannah is beloved by every teacher she's every had, and kind to every living creature. There are times where we are reminded she is human, but generally she's truly an angelic girl. She inspires me. Teachers always comment on how kind she is to everyone. If you can't get along with Hannah, and she's run out of patience with you....... well, my experience has been....... well... you must be a....... let me stop myself and take a page from Hannah's book and just say again that Hannah is just, very nice. 

That is what make me so sad about how the rest of this story plays out. 

So I snap around (possibly a little tired from the day), and say "You got a what!? Are you kidding me Hannah? Is this something new this year? Are you and you're friends trying on some kind of new attitude? A 2? What the heck is that all about?"  I wasn't loud, I wasn't attacking. Well maybe a re-reading that line of questioning, one after another. I guess that can come across as a little attacking. I was baffled, and in my tone probably sounded a bit disappointed. 
(Oh geez , just remembering how this all played out is making me sick to my stomach.) 

Hannah responds, "I don't know?" In a bit of a sheepish tone, with a little disbelief. However, to me, where I'm sitting I'm thinking, how do you get a 2 and not know what's up? And the answer "I don't know" rarely  is a satisfactory answer for a parent. It just isn't an answer that we dig, right? However, in this case, it probably was the right answer. I just didn't like it. 

So I say something along the line of "we need to get this figured out. I need to talk to your teacher, little sister." She's got a little look of being beat down, rightfully so. 

THEN SUZI SAYS........ "well... it could be a typo." Silence..... 

We get a call later that night from a friend who is teacher at the school, who has a daughter in the class, and good friends with Hannah, and said "Hey did Hannah get some 2's?" And Suz said "Ohhhh yeah, I'm talking to Ms. Daniels tomorrow." And the friend responded "Those are typo's, I already talked to the teacher."

Ugh.... Oh so many lessons for me in there. Don't know where to begin. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Patrick & Sam?

Patrick and Sam walk around the house quoting these  two guys constantly. Driving me a bit nutty.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Armstrong & Getty

Suzi, and I love a certain morning radio show, Armstrong and Getty.LOVE IT. Every morning we listen to it wherever we are, and if I miss it I can pick it up on a pod cast and listen to it on a run. Their humor is fantastic, and the topics for the show are always great. National news, California news, local news. Intelligent topics usually. When I'm running, at times I have to stop and laugh because it hurts too much to try and run and laugh. I must look insane. 

So this is our morning routine: The alarm on our radio goes off in the morning and the radio is tuned to the show. As we lay in bed listening, without yet saying good morning, one of the two on the radio always starts us laughing. Without fail every morning we lay in bed until we start to laugh. It's our favorite way to wake up! I love that often the first sound thing I hear from Suz is her laugh. We love it, it gets the day started on the right side of the bed. 

You can listen to it over the Internet as well, that how Suzi listens in the kitchen every morning. Give it a try regardless of what part of the country you live in. Listen for a week, if you don't enjoy it I'll be surprised. They are live 6am to 10am Monday- Friday PST. 

Ding Dong!

Suzi and I got home from getting something to eat tonight. Went and grabbed a late lunch/ very early dinner. 

As we walked up to the door, Suz was four steps in front of me. I had the keys to get back into the house. She reaches up and rings the door bell, but rings it 7 times quickly. I say "Suzi! Don't do that, I yell at the kids when they do that."

Georgia then opened the door "DAD!! Don't do that! You yell at us every time we do that!!"

Me- "I didn't do it. Mom did."

Georgia- "Well tell her not to do it then."


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Lodi Christmas Tree Run

3 out of the 6 Kelly's did the 5k Christmas run. We were all over NorCal as a family that day (Suzi and Sam= soccer, Hannah @ a friend's house). This was Georgia's first big run. She was the only 7 year old to run it. Most of the kids ran the "one miler", she's tough!!! The next oldest to run it was a teenager. Wow! If you ask her she'll tell you her legs are sore, and that she didn't have any fun at all. But when you remind her of the early morning doughnut, the run with the friends, all the people cheering for her, and the Thai food afterward, and then you ask her if she'd do it again, then she might say "mmmm yeah, maybe. I had a great time." Patrick, and I have done two runs together and I look forward to getting my butt kicked regularly by the young whipper snapper. Families represented in the bottom photo: Hazelhofer, Robison, Kelly, Brink, Judd, Gonzalez, and La Viola. Great times!
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Monday, December 01, 2008

New Tool

I have a new application on my iphone that I love! The website version is www.livestrong.com  .
The application on my phone is awesome. I set my goal of where I want to be in terms of weight gain, loss, or neutral. From there I add my exercise through out the day, and the food I eat through out the day. The calories I can eat goes up and down according to what I do with my exercise. It tracks thousands and thousands of foods, and exercises. Totally cool, and it syncs with the website automatically. Lots of charts and graphs to track my progress. 

Run To Feed The Hungry

Patrick, Sam, and I went for a 10k run Thanksgiving day morning with 30,000 other people. We had a great time with the Durnall family, and think this will be a fun family tradition going forward. Gerry's family has done this for the past several years, and it really was a fun way to start the day.  I think they said it was something like 800k dollars raised to feed the hungry from this event. 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reindeer Food

Georgia bought some reindeer food to put in the yard Christmas eve to draw Santa's reindeer to our house. We parents thought this was a nice idea.

The brothers on the other hand are pains in the rear.

Patrick - "Georgia, all that's really going to do is attract raccoons to the yard."
Sam - "Yeah, Georgia. We are going to over run by raccoons Christmas eve, great."
Me - "You know you two, when you were little, no one gave you crap. No one gave you any crap for going to barney concert and loving it Patrick. So shut it you two."
Georgia - "Yeah, shut it."

It was all pretty funny. I laughed through the whole thing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sam/ Flash

Sam's new mile time is 6:10. Still the fastest in school....


Triglycerides are the chemical form in which most fat exists in food as well as in the body. They're also present in blood plasma and, in association with cholesterol, form the plasma lipids.

Triglycerides in plasma are derived from fats eaten in foods or made in the body from other energy sources like carbohydrates. Calories ingested in a meal and not used immediately by tissues are converted to triglycerides and transported to fat cells to be stored. Hormones regulate the release of triglycerides from fat tissue so they meet the body's needs for energy between meals.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No he's not perfect, but he's pretty darn good.

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The Super Cougar fans: The Brinks

Corey & Cindy had some great practical jokes this week, and this was one of my favorites. I'll post the others as well. As you can see the day after the placeing of the Y's the were somehow wilted! I'll review my security camera's, and maybe I'll catch the problem. Not sure who that trouble maker is, but when I catch him I will make sure he......well..... he'll be in some kind of trouble.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Friend or Foe?

Someone told me a story that I have to relate. He made me laugh with this one. I won't tell you who it is to protect his (the oldest one's) identity. His name starts with a "P" and ends with "shizzle." No that's not right it starts with a "P" and ends with a "atrick."

So I was in the computer lab sitting next to this kid I know. We have classes together, and we know each other. So I know him, and he knows me, but not really well. So he was talking to someone behind him, and while he looked away I hooked my keyboard into his computer into a different USB port than what his keyboard was hooked. So we both had working keyboards on his computer. When he turned back around, of course he had no clue I had done this. So what I did was every time he opened a website, I'd close it from my keyboard. He started talking to himself, "why is this doing this? "  After a few of these when he would open a website I would zoom in on the page really tight, and he would stop touching the key board all together, and I would zoom in and out, in and out, while he just shook his head and say "what the?" So then I turn the screen black, and then I'd switch it back, and then black, and then I just shut off his computer all together. When he would try to log back in, I would goof up his password. Once I let him log in, I logged him back out 3 different times. Then the teacher let us know it was time to get ready to roll, he got mad started pounding on his keyboard and the teacher yelled at him "So and so! Don't do that your going to break the computer! That's a warning!" He got up, I unplugged my keyboard, and he never figured it out. 

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Super Sam!

While everyone is about to leave, or leaving the dinner table.
Sam- Ok, ok, everyone hold it. I've got an idea. How about everyone clear their own plates from the table rinse them, and put them in the dishwasher.
Patrick- I already did.
Sam- No, you didn't. I saw you put in the sink.
Patrick- You can't prove that's mine.
Sam- Everyone still has theirs.
Patrick- So, I put mine in the dishwasher.
Patrick-...........hmm........since your standing there right next to it, how about you do it.
Me- Patrick, just do it.
Patrick- Ok.

I love Sam's sudden enlightenment. It's only been 6 or so years since he's been able to do this, and I love Patrick's "there is no way I'm doing this simple task" attitude. He's a good boy. Does what I ask him. Apparently not what anyone else wants him to do.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jason Mraz

Suz and I went to go see Jason Mraz at UC Davis together. The venue was awesome, a tiny gym, and it was general admission. This picture is awful, I used my iPhone camera and it stinks. When I closed my eyes it was as though I was listening to him in my car. He was fantastic sounding. The crowd was a dud, but we all had fun. So glad we went. Get out and play. 

Hannah Shea

Beautiful AND talented! Hannah made the mini season team (lodi city soccer all-star team) for her age group and she is thrilled! 

Friday, November 07, 2008

Math whiz and little content...

Patrick took his geometry test and got all the questions answer right. However, Patrick does most of the work in his head. His teacher told him she took off some points because he didn't show his work, and told him if he showed his work she'd give him the points back. He said ".....I'm OK with that, I got them all right." 

Made me laugh. 

Monday, November 03, 2008

Back up your data

Over the last 3 years or so I've taken thousands of pictures. I thought "I'd better back up the drive." I went out and bought a back up drive. I ran it, but apparently not successfully?! I had no idea at the time. Not until I tried to load all of my data back onto my new hard drive. Well, sadly, I've lost everything it appears. Trying to figure out a way to save it, but things don't look very good at the moment. Unfortunately it isn't a software problem, it appears the hard drive itself broke down! Not good. If I have any good news I'll pass it along, but mostly I mention this as a warning.

The scale lies!

I've been stuck at the same weight for sometime now. I noticed when I posted this post the graphs don't show completely. Anyhow, I've got a goal I'd like to reach, but the time line is way out there. I've changed a little of my routine recently, and I expect that's going to make a big difference. However, the point I want to make it that even though I haven't necessarily lost any pounds, I've lost two inches around my waist. So my point is, just keep on doing the right things and don't pay much attention to the scale. If I were to include all the spikes up, and not just drops down this graph would be a lot more revealing. It's a way of life, and not a diet.
 Chart titled, Weigh yourselfChart titled, Measure your Waist

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Our Scouts

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Handsome Boy

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Some of my favorite things

1. My iphone - This hasn't even close to getting old. I've had it for months now and love it just the same as when I first met it. I'm not going to try and explain it to you. It just is.
2. Sling Box- This isn't even mine! It's Doug and Angie's! I love it though, and I'll say it again!
3. DRZ400- I am still in love with my bike. It's been a great toy. My bike is blue.
4. Trailguru- This is a free application I run on my iphone when I'm out exercising, and it tracks my every step.
5. Fleece Sheets- I love these in the winter! So comfortable, and warm. I have a tough time getting out of bed.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Shamrocks! Boys U14 City Champs!

Back to back to back! Last year we played the same team in the championship, and won. This year the same team went undefeated all season. They beat us twice in tight games, and tied us once during the regular season. I knew we could beat them, and felt like we had given them all their wins. We won in a great game! The final score was 5-4. Patrick had goals number 4 & 5 for our team. The best part was that the younger boys on our team were all new, and hadn't been on winning teams. I told them to get use to winning at the beginning of the season, and to never talk about losing ever again. We never talk about it. We went 7-2-1 in the regular season. Seeded number two in the playoffs, and won in the game that mattered most. What a team! Go Shamrocks!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Staying on flat roads

I've been trying to run on surfaces that prevent me from stepping on rocks and in holes, but it's tough when there is scenery out there like this close to home to run through. This is from yesterdays morning run.
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