Sunday, April 29, 2007


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Hannah & Paige

Monkeys in my tree.
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Sam ran in his first track meet. Did very well if you ask me. He raced the 50, and the 400. This photo is from the 400.
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Red Fish, Blue Fish...
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My Watch

My watch broke. It lasted me a good 2-3 years. It cost me $5.97 at wal-mart. I spent $300 dollars on a watch many years ago. Saved up my birthday money. That watch lasted me 2-3 years. I use to love to say to people, "boy you've got a nice watch there." Then I'd show them mine and say "$5.97 at wal-mart." Loved to do that.
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Land Beavers

I may not be the first to tell you this, but beavers have evolved to build their homes on dry land. They have been doing this here around Lodi for quite sometime now. As they continue to evolve at this high rate I expect that they will be taking over the top spot on the food chain. We monkeys have enjoyed our run.
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

"The Mormons" on PBS

This should be a very interesting documentary. Some Latter Day Saints are worried it won't be very friendly to the LDS church, and there are those like myself who are a much more optimistic. It is a 4 hour (2 hours on one night, and 2 hours on the next) look at the history, doctrine, culture, people, and current affairs of the LDS church. It will address the highlights of the church as well as the controversial issues in the church.

I encourage you to watch all four hours of it. If you know very little about Latter Day Saints, you will certainly learn more. If you think you know a lot about Latter Day Saints I promise you will learn more as well.

Friday, April 20, 2007

In & Out

Mmmm. Had one for the first time in months.
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I had just mowed this lawn the night before. Not one leaf on the lawn. I took this picture on my way out the door the following morning. Look at all those dang leaves! All summer long. Ugh.
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Thursday, April 19, 2007

40 is the new 20

And 20 is the new 10 for boys, or has it always been that way.
I don't have a comment for this except why does being a girl only go up to 16.

It is interesting to me that so many people that I work with find it suprising that I have been married 15 years, have four children, and that I'm "only" 37. They say "your SO young to have so many children!" So many people I know are in their mid to late 30's who are waiting to find that special someone before they start a family. I'm glad they are trying to make a good decision. I hope they do.

I like the way I did it though.
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Violence is everwhere these days

We try to make sure the kids aren't exposed to unnecessary violent images, but what can I do when the images are in the department stores that we shop in and they use the mannequins to play out the violent acts!

Clearly the stereo type of the Oakland A's fan being a violent individual is being played out here, fairly or not I don't know. I'm an A's fan and I don't go around beating down Giants fans for no reason. There is usually a very good reason for it, but I certainly wouldn't do it in front of my children!


Go Athletics!
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I don't know what to title this.

Do I really need to comment. Maybe not.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sam's Bird

Well it's big enough to be a bird. Sam found it outside. Kept it for a day or two, and set it free. I think he had used it enough to scare any family member, neighbor, or friend who came by. It was fun to watch. Suzi or I would be talking to someone, and Sam would pop out of no where with the "Bird" in hand extended going "WANNA HOLD IT!" Screaming usually followed, as well as some sprinting back out our front door by some. Believe me I would have stopped Sam if I had seen him coming but he would come out of no where I tell you.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Girls

5:20 pm. Just before dinner. I've been working in my office, and Suzi was at the store. Hannah & Georgia have been in the Kitchen.

Me: "Hey you two can't just get out the all of that stuff and make a milk shake whenever you want too. We are going to eat dinner shortly!" (The kitchen table is a mess) Hannah: "Well you are!" Georgia: "Yeah!" This must have been some kind of Jedi mind trick the two of them were trying to use on me, because I was not in the kitchen making a milk shake with them. I was in my office! I just told you that. (re-read the first sentence please). Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, the Jedi mind trick failed to work on me. Me: "No I wasn't, what are talking about? Clean that mess up."

Then I proceeded to clean the mess up. Maybe, the mind trick worked to some degree, because I cleaned up the mess. It was actually the fear of Suzi. I was afraid that when she got home I would catch the wrath and not those two stinkers.
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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Patrick's Birthday In San Francisco

We had a great day in SF. I have some more pictures that I'll post later that I think are hilarious, but need commentary. So I won't publish them until I have time to write about them.

Georgia was on fire this trip. She carried the back pack at least half the day, and never ever fussed about being tired. We were in SF about 8 hours. She was a trooper. I think she was able to strike a pose, or make a face in 75% of the pictures she was in. She's a hoot.

As you can see we took the BART in for the fun of it. It certainly wasn't to save money. With 6 people it actually cost $50, and that's just BART in & out of the city. To ride around in the city Muni is the best bang for your dollar (buses & trains). We had a great day. Did a bunch of wandering around, shopping, and a bit of eating. Ate at Lori's for lunch, and Chipolte, for dinner.
Patrick is our big guy. 12 is a big age in "Mormondom." The beginning of manhood. That I'll blog about later. However in short, I couldn't be more proud of Puff. He is an outstanding representative of our family, our Faith, and what a young man should be. We love him here in the Kelly house.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Eveyone loves puppies! No we didn't get a puppy, but the Brink's did! They brought over Lucy to meet us, and of course she was a hit with the kids. It's a face that even Jana could love. Click on the photo to get a close up.
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A's Game

Suzi & I caught an A's game last night, and had some fantastic seats thanks to a buddy (Roger) of mine.
Even better was the fact that after entering the bottom of the 9th with the score 1 Chicago 0 A's, is that the A's won 2-1. It made for a great finish. After going to the game it made me wonder why I don't do it more often. We had a blast.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hannah's Egg Drop

Who doesn't love the egg drop? Kids stuffed their eggs in anything. No rules. Made for a good show. The kids cheered when eggs exploded, and at the cool egg carrying devices. Made for a fun afternoon at Vinewood elementary.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kelly Kids

I often ask Suzi, "When you make children this beautiful, this smart, this great how do you stop at four?" Don't worry we've stopped at four, but I still think it's a fair question.
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Loves to Cook

Two people love to cook in this house. Momma, and Georgia.
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Monday, April 02, 2007


No it's not summer, but that doesn't deter anyone in this house from swimming. Well at least not Georgia.
It's the beginning of swim season. Within a couple of days Georgia will have remembered how to swim, and will be back jumping off the diving board. Until then we (the parents) will be keeping a close eye on her.
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Georgia's New Bruise

Georgia took a spill while I was out of town. She chipped one of her teeth in the back, and had to go see the dentist. She got it all fixed up, but you can see a little of the bruise left there on her chin.
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General conference is over, and it turned into a nice lazy Sunday.

I took a short trip around the house to see what people were doing, and these are the photos I came up with:

The girls are certainly up to no good. Hannah has climbed up the cabinets up stairs to get into something. Georgia was clearly working "look out", but didn't hear me coming. Busted! I didn't even ask what they were getting into, looked like they were having fun.

The boys have parked themselves in front of Fifa 06 on the play station. (That's a soccer game) They love that game, and I do too. You can play in just about any Soccer league in the world with any team.

Suz is playing with her itunes. Trying to decide what album to buy next. She saw me with the camera, and it appears that she is either trying to hide from camera, or it's a new dance move.
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