Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Frozen Yogurt

The boys were off at a buddies house. So Suzi, Georgia, Hannah, and I decided we would go get some frozen yogurt.

When we drove up it was 9:30 and still over 100 degrees outside. So people were getting their yogurt and eating it in their cars in the parking lot. When we got there we pulled up to two big women sitting in their car doing just as I described. One of the two little people in our car made a comment like "look at the tiny car, with the two big people". I point that out for a reason, I'm not just being a jackarse.

The four of us get our treats and were sitting outside of Honey Treat (the yogurt shop) on the benches. These benches are usually hard to get a seat on because people are always sitting on them as they eat when the weather is perfect. Not tonight though, way too hot. When we sat down it had just started cooling off. The sun was dropping and as we sat there the temp dropped from above 100, to 95. We were watching the bank clock/temp sign around the corner. The high that day was 114. Crazy hot.

Well as we are finishing up our treats, one of the two big ladies previously mentioned came back to the shop door which we were sitting next too. The long line in the shop came right to the door, so she couldn't decide if she should pack inside, or wait until there was a little space. She is standing less than a foot from Suzi, and I could see Georgia staring at her. Georgia was making a funny face like that I could read. She made a face like "what IS SHE doing?" I could see her wheels turning. I'm not kidding, I knew something was coming. Like a volcano rumbling. I got that sick sense in my gut, that she was about to say something nobody really needed to hear. Her face really said it all as she looked up, and down the big lady. I was already nervous watching Georgia.

Then Georgia says "She..", and I said "GEORGIA, hows your yogurt?". She tried again"good, She...", and I cut her off panicking "GEORGIA, you going to finish that yogurt?" She says "yep, She...." and this time I lean way forward so I'm very close to her ear and while I'm laughing I say "baby, wait one second, please wait one second." I whisper to her in her ear "wait until she goes inside", and as I say that the woman stepped inside the shop. So Georgia now knows she's got the green light to let it rip! She says with the same face she was making while the lady was at the door, and she said it with at the same volume as a fighter jet at taking off from the deck of a carrier "all I want to say is, look SHE'S GOING BACK FOR SECONDS!"

I laughed so hard out of joy that I had headed off that comment. It made it hard for me to be credible when I said "Georgia be nice." She said "whhhhaaaaattt?" Which lead to a little talk about being nice.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I was on my home after work, and was just a couple blocks away after a 45 minute commute. Always love coming home to see the kids, and what everyone is up to in the house.

I'm sitting at a stop light just around the corner from home, and this little girl who could have been Hannah is sitting on her bike in her front yard. All dolled up the way Hannah does with pink everywhere, her long blak hair is beautiful and perfect, a cute bow to go with it. She's got a perfectly pink bicycle that she is sitting on with a white basket attached to the front. She is girly, girl, girl all the way. I love that time in life where these little angels are just happy as can be and are just intersted in being a princess everyday, and possibly when they grow up too.

Shes got her cute latin tan going on because she obviously has been playing outside all summer long. She's looks like she is just taking it easy because she is sitting on her bike watching traffic go by. I'm looking at her because honestly she looks like a hannah with dark hair. She's all girl. I love that! She notices me, and I give her a little smile. She sees my smile and responds by giving me "the bird."

What the heck did I do to deserve that!! The light turns green, and I'm not sure if I should laugh or get mad. As I drive away she continues to give me the bird. She even tracks me with her finger to help me see it as I drive away! She was tracking me like a snipper with a moving target. Are you kdding me? She was going to make sure she got the point across. Holy cow! She made her point alright. Good gravey.

So whatever happened so sugar and spice and everything nice?