Monday, March 31, 2008

Busy at Work

So it's been a crazy past month with the preparation of launching a new product. Is crazier a word? You may have noticed a news article regarding Vytorin & Zetia. It's creating some big waves in the Cardiovascular arena, which is the disease state I work in and have for years. There are some real differences of opinion on the topic, and to try to cover them all in detail might be a bit confusing, not to mention I don't have much time for it. However, I'll give you my opinion and do with it what you may. 

In my humble opinion, these results from the Enhance trial are from Heaven. Much of the primary care medical community has focused on one aspect of treating lipids(LDL), and missed the bigger picture. These results will really encourage Health Care providers to look at treating LDL & HDL. There are fantastic results using this type of treatment (see Arbiter 2 & 3, HATS, FATS, FATS 10 Year Follow UP, CTT, and Barter Reprint studies), and fortunately I work for the company that has the best solutions for treating beyond LDL (Niaspan, Advicor, Tricor & Simcor). So I've been very excited about what is going on at work with the launch of a new product in the lipid area(Simcor), and with this news about Vytorin. 

So here is a little advice if you have heart disease, diabetes, or a family history of heart disease. Know your LDL, HDL, & Trigs. Have them ALL treated to goal. I would suggest HDL being treated to above goal. Men at least a 45 & women 55. This is an extremely simple way of viewing a very complex problem, and if you would like to talk more about it, I would love to help you understand the importance of managing this part of heart disease. For you, your family, or friends. 

Hope your all doing well! Go for walk. 

Friday, March 21, 2008

16 Years!

Amazing, beautiful, fun, too fast, perfectly lovely 16 years. Suz deserves great congratulations. Love you Suz

Longer or Smaller

Hannah gave me a hug last night when I came home from work, and she locked her hands behind me. She looked at me and said, "I've never been able to touch my hands behind your back!" I said "your arms must be getting longer!" She said "no your getting smaller." I'm sure it's a little of both.  


I've had a crazy busy March! Didn't forget my blog just haven't had time. Seattle first week of march, Chicago second week, had meetings all over the valley this week, and Dallas next week. Starting to feel like a travel expert like Grandpa Paul.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sam's Hungry

Sam: Mom you haven't gone to the store since last monday.
Mom: Eat a piece of fruit, you snacker. An apple, there's a bag of oranges on the floor from the neighbors.
Georgia: Or a banana!
Sam: No. 

I don't remember knowing my mom's shopping schedule. Who pays attention to that.