Monday, November 05, 2012

He's a witty one.

While Suzi, Patrick, and I are discussing Patrick's possible essay topics for his one of his college applications I jokingly say, "you can talk about the challenges of being raised by two parents with metal development disabilities." He replies "one....... but you guys don't know which one of you I'm talking about."

He's walking the rest of the year. He can't talk about his Mother like that.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dogs are smart!

About 7 months ago our football disappeared.

In the backyard we throw around tennis balls, and kicked soccer balls around to play with the dog and kids. Usually when playing with the dog we play with soccer balls. Luke, our dog has his own ball soccer ball, and whenever I take out the garbage he and I end up chasing it around for a bit. We love it.

About a week ago Georgia talked me into buying her another football. Today I was kicking the ball around in the back yard with Luke our dog, and Sam and Georgia came out to play some catch with the  football. After watching the kids throw the football around for a bit, he got frustrated crawled under the deck and pulled out the old football we hadn't seen for 7 months!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patrick! Quit technologically frustrating your Mom!

So we were sitting around the dinner table tonight, and Suzi was hollering at Patrick for messing for messing up her twitter account. "I can't even use my twitter account, and I've wanted to for a year because you set up my user name as 'hot pancake Steve' and I don't know how to change it!" Patrick says "I didn't do that..." Suzi "then who did!?" Patrick "Steve." Little does Suzi know that Patrick had messed with Suzi's auto correct on her phone and set up her phone to correct the word "the" to "I love wizards" and when she types the word "at" to "no way Shaniqua." Oh she is not going to be happy.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

They are all saying the same thing....

Patrick: Hi Dad is Mom there?
Me: Yeah, let me get her.

Sam: Hi Dad.
Me: Hi Sammy!
Sam: Hi, hey is Mom there?
Me: Is Mom's phone not working?
Sam: Yeah, she's not picking up. Can I speak with her?
Me:.......... Yeah, here she is....

Hannah: Hi Daddy!
Me: Hi Hannah!
Hannah: How's your day?
Me: Awesome of course! And yours?
Hannah: Great, what are you doing?
Me: Your Mom and I are just hanging out in SF.
Hannah: Sounds fun! Can I talk to Mom?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vietnamese food. BLAH! Went to a V. place today. NOT MY CHOICE, being a nice guy. So I find something kind of tame, and they bring out the "salad" (read iceburg lettuce... that's it) and some kind of soup. So I eat the salad (iceburg lettuce), and take a drink of the soup, I gag so loud everyone in the place looks at me. I gag again, and thinking..... do NOT throw up! Again, all eyes on me. My buddy says to me "that's not for drinking mate!" I say "this isn't for anything! What the hell was that?" He says "It's fish sauce for dipping your chicken" (that sounds kind of.... funny). Yeah, not a fan of drinking the fish sauce or any dipping anything in the fish sauce. Nope.