Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Georgia Peach, So sweet...

As Georgia and I were walking up the front walk of the house after returning from making a run to get slurpies for herself and I while we left the other kids at home.

Me: Thanks for sneaking out with me Georgia.
Georgia: Thanks Dad. You know I can't wait until the boys are gone and Hannah is in college and you and I can just hang out together. Those will be good times. Yep.

I am sooo wrapped around her little finger. She is just working me. Can you blame me!! She's awesome!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Man Van?

Me: Patrick & Sam, I was thinking about getting you a van for high school, what do you think? Patrick: A van? Are you serious?!
Me: Yeah, you could pile all your buddies in, you know a "man van!"
Patrick: Yeah, because that's about the only people who would get in it. A bunch of dudes, driving around town together. Sounds great...
Sam: Yeah, and we could blare that song "it's raining men" when we drive around town with our car full of men.
Patrick: Is that what you really want? ....Think hard, is that really what you want?
Sam: Yeah Dad, is that what you want?

Man they're funny!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

All Bark No Bite

While sitting around the front room on Saturday watching football:

Suzi: Who left their dishes on the table? I'm going to break both your legs!!
The kids (except one, answering with a joyful tone, in unison): SAM!!!
Me: Seriously? Both his legs? I can't wait to watch this! Wow, you don't mess around.

I'm writing to report, no bones were broken. Must admit, I would have like to watch her:
  1. Catch him
  2. Wrestle him
  3. Figure out away to break his legs while holding him still

Would have been fun. Lots of laughs. She couldn't accomplish task one, unless he was sleeping. Love her spirit though!!