Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coach Georgia

Headed to church last Sunday Sam asked if he could drive. I tossed him the keys, and Georgia, Sam, Hannah, and I headed to church.

Driving down our street Sam was driving a bit fast for my tastes so I told him to slow down. We turn the corner and head down another street, and I say again irritated this time "Sam, you're 3 MPH over the speed limit. Slow down! Don't exceed it ever. Stay well under it." As we get within a short distance from church he drifts over the speed limit again, and I lose it. I'm telling you I explode. Part of it was the 3 strikes your out, part of it was Sam not taking my advice and staying well under the limit. Which was a bummer, because Sam and I both were not happy with each other as we head into sacrament meeting. We were absolutely in the wrong frame of mind. Mostly my fault.

Hannah also made it clear on our way to church that I was out of line. She stuck up for Sam, and then she was ready to brawl me on my way into church. Hannah brawling is a look, and then storming off not speaking to me.

He seemed through his behavior to be completely disregarding what I'm saying. Mentally, he may not. He just may have made 3 mistakes in a row in something he's learning.

Enter Georgia. So Georgia and I are leaving church after everyone else, and she and I walking out to the car. She says nicely "Listen Dad, about Sam". I say "yeah, what about it" as we sit in the car. Georgia "its your coaching." Me "Oh it is, is it?" Georgia "Yeah, I think you need to give him a little more warning." Me "Such as?" Georgia "When he's coming into a stop sign just say "brake, brake, brake" or when he's going too fast you ask him "how fast are you going." He may not realize how fast he's going until you ask. Do that instead of just blowing up on him."

A few thoughts come to mind to wrap it up.

  1. It was fast Sunday, afternoon church, maybe I was a little hungry and a bit low blood sugar. I'm sure I was a little short fused.
  2. I love Georgia's coaching.Seriously, she's 11. Who does that? She really is that awesome.
  3. I love Hannah sticking up for her brother. I told her so. She's truly a sweet heart, and she reminded me of my sisters Kathy, Stephanie and my brother Jim. We all had each others back growing up.
  4. Sam took my explosion like a man.  I tell him all the time I want to be him when I grow up, and I mean it. The guy is flat out awesome.
  5. Lastly, and all you parents probably can relate.......I can't wait for all three of them to have their own kids, and coach them behind the wheel. Then! THEN!!! They will understand.