Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We had a great season! The 3 that played had a great time. Patrick, and Sam are playing on the city all star team. Both are great, smart players. I'm sure Hannah will be an all star when she is old enough. Don't about Georgi girl, she is busy with her gymnastics! She'll start Soccer next year. Patrick's team was undefeated and won the city championship. They handled every team they played easily. Watching his team play was fantastic. They were great.

Sam's team played a great year as well. I think they had 2 or 3 losses. Sam has got to be the hardest working kids in soccer. Very fast, and relentless.
I coached Hannah team again. I'm telling you my girls make soccer beautiful. I loved coaching them. The played a great season, and was so proud as I watched them play this year. Hated to watch it end.
This is my Georgi girl. She and I had lunch together today. I loved it. She has so much to say, and so many great opinions about so many things. If you want a great lunch date she's the girl.

Monday, November 20, 2006


When Sam was born I remember thinking "he's perfect!" I also remember arguing with the nurse about whether Sam was a red head or not. I was right.
After living with Sam for 9 year's I'm still certain he's perfect and one of God's greatest creations. (Of course I feel this way about all my children) He's angelic, and I'm absolutely certain he was created for greatness.
The responsibility of raising 4 great children scares me. Suzi and I were talking about it the other night on our date. I'm sure every parent (I hope) feels this burden, and blessing.
Life is so good.

I love Suzi!

Suzi, and I got to bed early last night ago. We were both so excited to be in bed early! It had been a long day, and the bed was clean with new sheets. Suprisinzingly the kids were quite quickly too.

Our room was a little cool, and the bed was perfectly comfortable. Suzi, and I were talking about how great it was too be in bed. She had just commented on the how nice it was to be in bed with the bed just being made when out of the blue she said "I love you." And of course I responded with "I love my bed." Whoops.

Well that didn't go over to well. I tried to explain it was an accident, and that she just can't throw in a "I love you" when we were just talking about the bed, and I started to fade out to sleep, and perfectly snugged up in my bed, and then expect me to respond to a change of conversational gears like that! Well, actually she actually does expect me to handle a change of conversation like that. Doesn't seem right to catch me off guard like that.

Well I've been getting my butt kick all day! Stuff like:
Me: "Suz that was a great dinner thanks"
Her: "I love my bed".

Or, Me: "I'm going to run to Ace hardware OK?"
Her: "I love my bed".

Or, Me " You want me to get the phone?"
Her: "I love my bed."

It's so random too. She doesn't do it all the time. Most times she's just perfect Suzi, talking all normal and stuff, and then wham! "I love my bed."

So this is just a note to all my boys out there. You might want to stay on your "A game" when it comes to your wife tossing around the "I love you" hand grenade. If you don't toss it right back it's going to blow up in your face. Then you'll be paying for it for days with no real good way to make up for it. She says a multi-carrot diamond ring could help. It's going to be a while.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Matthew 8:1 When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him.

"What did they want his autograph or something?"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Change is always certain.

I told my boss that "I wouldn't have written the story this way." However, it wasn't my story to write.

On this past Monday Kos announced that they had be bought by Abbott. It caught myself, and everyone I work with a little off guard. I expected Kos as an organization to stick around for three or four more years. A little sad for many of us at Kos.

With that being said hopefully the transition will go well, and everything will be for the positive.