Friday, September 26, 2008

Shamrock Soccer

My last year to officially coach Patrick's soccer. From here on out it's high school ball if he continues to play. The end of an era, we've had a great run together.

Makes me kind of sad when I think back to tiny tot soccer when Puff was just a tiny little 5 year old guy. Then up to Layton for four years, and I've coached his team a couple of times here in Lodi. I've coached the other Kelly kids too, and I'll get to continue doing that with them, but for Puff and I this is our last big year together.

Time fly's by so fast. There is no second chance to play with my little ones, to get involved in their life and do these things that are so fun and so worth my time. If it were an investment, (and it is) I'm certain it will pay big rewards through the teen years and into adulthood and hopefully my grandchildren will reap the benefits as well. Not to mention it's fun to play with them!

So Patrick, and I have had a good time together. Sometimes, a not so good time together. I'm certainly not always the nicest coach a 12-13-14 boy can have. Just ask him, somebody talks while I'm talking, kicks a ball and hits someone, screws around and it bugs me, they all go for a run. Every single time. They run a lot! It's the only way to control the madness. That's one my favorite things to be honest. "Hit the fence." I ask nicely when someone is goofing off. "COACH WHY?!" As they run away. "Hurry or you'll all run 2, ______ was goofing around. Talk to him about it." Then I thank them as they come back to the huddle quite, and tired. Works beautifully. I'll learned to never try and talk over boys. They are much louder. Anyhow....

Good fun, and good coaching that always translates to wins, and right now the "Shamrocks" have 6 wins, 1 tie, and 1 loss. The loss, and the tie went to the same team. We'll get them next game, and in the playoffs. That I'm certain!

Shooting for the championship for Patrick's last year. Regardless of our wins and losses through the years (and he has been extremely fortunate that he's had very, very, very few losses) every moment with him is time spent perfectly.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beware! Run with a phone!

For the first time in my life I ran with my cell phone. I never ever carry my phone. I took my phone with me this time, and tucked it in my sweater pocket. I usually run with my old ipod, this first time with my iphone. I didn't really want to take it, but because I could tuck it in my sweater I felt ok with taking it. 

SO, I was out on a canal trail behind a neighborhood. Dogs were barking like crazy because I was running on the side of the canal where I was close to homes. If I had chosen to run on the other side next to the grape fields, maybe the dogs wouldn't mind so much. Anyhow, a couple of very large dogs were barking at me, and I looked up from the canal levee I was running on and said "shhhh" to the dogs. As I said "shhhh" I stepped on a large rock sticking out of the dirt. The ONLY large rock I'm sure within miles of where I was, and my foot found it! It was a good sprain! I knew it before I hit the ground. I swore a couple of times, and waited for the pain to release me before I even worried about the fact that there was no access to me by car. 

Thank goodness, I had my phone. I called Suzi, and asked her to come find me. I hadn't ever run on this canal trail before. She picked me up on a corner close to where I stepped on the rock. I had to walk about a half mile to get off the canal, that hurt.

My ankle is swollen, but I was back on the elliptical trainer this morning. Walked on it all day today, and it's going to be fine. It will be a week or so before I run on it again, but I'll be on the elliptical trainer again tomorrow. Here's where I was when I found the rock. Thank goodness for the phone, and thank you Suzi for picking me up. Take your phone when you ride, run, or hike. Maybe keep your eyes on the trail too. 

Maybe one of the best movies of all time!...........maybe

Monday, September 22, 2008

Science and Religion....

...maybe they do cross paths! Check this one out.

So simple I'm surprised this experiment wasn't thought of earlier.  

My Team

I'm coaching Patrick's soccer team with one of my young men from church. We had a good night tonight. We played to a 2-2 draw. We are 5-1-1 over all and sitting in second place. 

The only team we lost to, we played to a draw tonight. Thought we had them. We out shot them, by probably double again, but some how they lead most of the game again. They got a couple lucky goals, and we play from behind most of the game. We got a game saving tie goal less, than 30 seconds before the final whistle. Quite an exciting game. 

The boys shot selection gets a little desperate when they play from behind. They forget to make that last pass, and instead taken a shot that puts the ball right in the gut of the goalie. 

Patrick had the first goal of the game. Needed one more from him. He was VERY close on a couple of balls. Not tonight though. That's OK, we have a lot of season before the playoffs. I expect that this will be the team we face in the championship game. Might want to mark your calendars for that one. Should be an exciting game! 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Who me?

I got the weirdest phone call the other day. 

A number I didn't recognize called, I picked up and they asked "Is this Sean?"

I said yes, and he began to tear into me in a furry of swear words. Words that I don't hear that often, and certainly not being directed at me. Something about me driving "the kids around town in the car drunk." Me being a non drinker, I thought the whole thing was rather weird so I began to laugh.

Caller asks "Are you laughing at me?" I answer "Yeah, should I not be?" He responds "Not if you knew who this is, and what I'm going to do to you!" He included a few expletives that didn't necessarily make his point any clearer, just more humours. 

He asked me "Do you know who the @#$%^ this is?" 
Me "No, I have no clue who this is." 

Still laughing a little, but now thinking this isn't a practical joke. 
Caller, "This is your brother in law Danny." 
Me, Long pause "Danny........I've got a lot of brother in laws, but I don't think any of them are named Danny." 
Caller, another long pause "Is this Sean?" 
Me, "Yes this is Sean"
Caller, "Kendra's boyfriend Sean." 
Me, "OH, you're so close, but no my friend I'm not Kendra's boyfriend. I think you've dialed the wrong number and got another dude named Sean. That's kind of funny!" 
Caller, "You're not Kendra's boyfriend, is you're phone number ***-***9?" 
Me, "No, you're off by one digit." 
Caller, "Oh, sorry......" 
Me, "Yeah no problem, have a good night!" 
Caller, "Yeah"

I loved that I got the chance to wish him a good night. He was so worked up the whole time, until the last couple of exchanges. Anyhow, the last digit he dialed should have been a 9, and my last number is an 8. Too funny. 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Georgia!

Georgia loves this song! She saw it on Erin Brink's birthday when I sent this link to her. Happy Birthday Georgia, my 7 year old baby!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pandora Radio

Ever wish the radio would play the songs you love, and you could skip all the garbage songs inbetween your favorites.

What if the radio could figure out what you like when new music comes out, and only play songs it knows you'll dig?

Guess what it's here! Pandora Radio, you must set this up on your home computer, go buy an iphone and set it up there too. It's one of those things where technology has really just lived up to it's billing. You will love it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Map your walk, run, or ride

I was talking to my friend Chris Bowerbank, and he showed me a website that I absolutely love! Those of you who like running/biking are going to dig this as well. Ever want to know how far your running, or want to run a certain distance, but never really know until you drive the route, or ride it. Check this site out! You can map your run in advance, or after your done check out exactly how far you traveled. It's really easy to use. 

Not that I think distance is the most important thing. Just getting out and moving for an hour or more is what matters. However, it's still fun!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Valley Labor Day

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Happy Valley Labor Day part 2

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Need a laugh?

The boys and I were driving home from being at the river. We had headed up to the river to do some cliff jumping with the cousins. We were all quite and sleepy and a word hadn't been said in 30 minutes during the drive home. We were also listening to the comdey channel on the drive. This guy came on doing this skit and Patrick, Sam and I were laughing hard. Thought you might enjoy it.