Thursday, September 28, 2006

Way to Long

Wow, time flies. We've been extremely busy here at the Kelly house with school, sports, scouting, gymnastics, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

Everyone is getting taller, and faster. Patrick, Sam, and I were out playing football in the street in front of the house. It finally has happened. I have boys who can play a great game of soccer, football, or any other sport, when we feel like playing. We stayed out under the street lights playing football until late. It only takes 3 guys to play a game. One quarterback, one receiver, and one defensive back. Everyone is pretty quick, and everyone can throw well, and everyone can catch well. It's a blast! It's like a dream come true to have these guys right here willing to play anytime I'm ready. Love it.

Funny thing. Georgia is always in the bathroom when mom and I are getting ready. She usually doesn't have to get ready as early as the other kids so she hangs out in the bathroom with us when we're getting ready. Here is two things I've heard from her lately.
  1. Her:Dad! What are you doing? Me: I'm cutting my nose hairs. Her: Ohhhh ugh. Well you need to, cuz I can see them........ It's gross. Me: Yeah, well that's why I cut them.
  2. Her: Mom, what are you doing? Mom: pulling out my eye brows. Her: Why? Mom: I don't need any extra hair on my face. Her: Oh.....You want to be beautiful like me huh.

Love it. Well Suzi picked up some In & Out for dinner. Protein style for me. Don't tell Wendy. (little inside joke there)

Love to all.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

Wow I've been busy. Still waiting for life to slow down a little. As I edge into Sep. I expect to have a little more time near the end of the month to write a little about what is going on around in the Kelly house.

We had a fantastic Weekend. We loved having Grandpa & Grandma Smith out to our house here in Lodi! We rarely get vistors. Lodi is a great town to live in, but not a great vacation destination. Glad they came out to hang with us.

The kids spent today up at Hogan Lake riding 4 wheelers, and seadoos at the Hazelhofer's place. I missed out on the fun, but got a bunch of work done.

The only downer was the U & the Y losing their football games.