Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Give Up!!!!

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Ahhh! Spring!

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Happy Birthday Patrick & Emma!

14 already! Please, please, please. Let's just slow things down a little what's the big hurry. They both are fantasic young people! We had a great time, and had "the best dinner ever!" Wish you all were there.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Expectancy By California County

San Mateo 80.0
Santa Clara 80.0
Santa Barbara 79.6
Orange 79.5
Nevada 79.3
San Luis Obispo 79.3
Placer 79.2
Santa Cruz 79.2
Monterey 79.2
Ventura 79.1
San Benito 78.7
Contra Costa 78.6
El Dorado 78.6
San Diego 78.4
Napa 78.4
Sonoma 78.3
Amador 78.2
Alpine 77.9
Calaveras 77.9
Alameda 77.8
Los Angeles 77.8
Inyo 77.8
Mono 77.8
Yolo 77.8
Mariposa 77.8
Tuolumne 77.8
Madera 77.5
Plumas 77.5
Sierra 77.5
Solano 77.3
San Francisco 77.3
Riverside 77.2
Imperial 77.2
Lassen 77.1
Modoc 77.1
Sacramento 77.1
Fresno 77.0
Siskiyou 76.8
Glenn 76.7
Colusa 76.6
Sutter 76.6
Butte 76.5
Mendocino 76.5
Merced 76.5
San Joaquin 76.3
Kings 76.2
Stanislaus 76.1
Tulare 76.0
San Bernardino 76.0
Tehama 75.9
Trinity 75.9
Shasta 75.9
Humboldt 75.8
Kern 75.6
Lake 75.4
Del Norte 74.9
Yuba 74.1

Live long, live healthy

Read this and thought you'd all like it. Looks like mountain living isn't so bad. Your just going to have to go play in them. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super Sam

The two high schools here in Lodi, Lodi and Tokay High, put on a track meet for all of the elementary school kids that feed into those two high schools. The kids come from all over Lodi, North Stockton, and small surrounding communities. They do this get them interested in track and field, and to recruit kids for their summer track program that prepares them for high school. 

Sam's elementary school P.E. teacher encourages the kids from her classes to go. She told Sam he should run the 800, and mile. Last year he did some shorter events as a 5th grader, and did fine. This year he decided he just wanted to run the mile. 

So he jumped out of bed, and got himself down to the track meet early with a friend. Suz and I jogged down later a got there right before his event.

He ran the mile, and he's been telling me how he's doing at school. I knew he'd do well, but with so many kids from all over I didn't know how well. 

The race must have had over 40 kids in it. It was packed, and I couldn't even spot Sam in the group until a couple of seconds before the race started. 

When the race started it was like a sprint race for the first 200 yards. Sam was back about 8 spots. He hung with the fast kids, but didn't sprint like the kids out in front. After lap one Sam was in fourth. As he made his way around the track on the second lap he just ran a good looking lap. He didn't kill himself, but he passed each kid in front of him one by one. Toward the end of the lap two the two kids left in front of him saw him coming, and pushed themselves a little harder and added about 10 yards to their lead. Sam kept "pushing" them, and eventually they couldn't keep their pace and Sam moved in front on the last 200 yards of lap two. His lap 2 time was 2:34. Once he got in front his pace eased up a little on the back side of lap three. One boy came within 10 yards of him, but didn't come much closer. On lap four he turned it on in the back stretch, and opened up his lead a bit. 

He won with a time of 6:09. The next kid was about 10 seconds behind him. It was hard to tell at that point who finished second because he had lapped a whole bunch of kids, and he was in the mix of all of them. 

He really looked great running. His stride was "perfect" according to the high school coaches who want him to come spend the summer working out with them. I loved watching him run, it looked so easy. Never clumsy. Can't wait to see what he looks like as he gets older, and faster. 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sam's Favorite Commercial

Sam watches this over and over, and I'm certain this is Uncle Spencer's favorite, if he's seen it, as well.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

You tell her she's not coming...

Suzi and I were talking about a trip we want to take around the table this morning. Georgia got excited and said "Oh my gosh, and I want my own room where it's real nice with one of those little tiny refrigerators!"


Friday, April 10, 2009

Are kidding me?

Poor boys. They don't stand a chance. She's already breaking boys hearts. I know it. Lovely little girl.
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Someone got glasses

She loves the purple frames. She's really excited about seeing the world again.
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Georgia's 3

I was at the gap in San Francisco with the family when Georgia walked by and I asked her a question and she didn't respond. I turned my head to look at her a little harder and realized..... whoops that's not Georgia. After looking at the little girl with her twin sister I started looking at the whole family. They had 6 girls and these were the youngest. I said to the Dad, my Georgia could be one of your girls. He was a spanish speaker from Ecaudor, and didn't quite get what I was saying to I pointed to my daughter and said motioned that I wanted to get a picture with all three girls. That's when he saw Georgia and said "Wow.... three!" We both laughed. They certainly could pass as sisters. Maybe not twins, but if Georgia were a little thicker or they were a little thinner I think they would be pretty dang close to twins. Same color hair. Look at their eyes, noses, cheeks, and chins. Pretty tripy to me.
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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kid Favorites SNL skit lately.

This had Patrick and Sam in tears! TEARS!! Patrick favorite line was the one where he is asked how many dogs it took to make this shot and he answers "PASS."

I want to be a spy when I grow up

Sitting around the table talking about what each of the kids wants to do when they grow up. I say "I want to be a spy when I grow up." Suzi says "Uh huh, you sure you're up to that?" Me, "Oh yeah I know all about spy life." Patrick says "Oh yeah Mom he knows all about it alright, he's seen Spy Kids 1, 2, 3, & 3-D." At which Sam falls off the the chair he's sitting on and can't breath for a good 30 seconds due to laughter.

Dream crushers.


Patrick after tasting the tri-tip I just pulled off the grill: "I don't get vegetarians. Have they tasted this? Did they taste meat?" 

Patrick is very much in touch with his caveman self. Hannah is our resident non-meat eater. However, I do think she eats Costco's beef hot dog. Those may or may not be meat anyhow.