Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Love the Rain

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Lucky # 7

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Buckets of Rain

I thought the gutters were going to all come crashing off the house. I love it when it rains hard.
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Friday, February 23, 2007


I'll find out on Tuesday if I have a role with Abbott or if I'm in the Job market. My buddy Eric shot the picture below on the grapevine.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prersident's Day Weekend With the Boys

Beware of Doug

I mean Dog. Doug is quite harmless.
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Birthday Boy

Sam turned a big 10 this year.
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Luke chased us around when we went riding on Presidents day. Worked until he was dog tired.

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The Road Less Traveled.

Takes a little more time to get home going this way but the traffic isn't so bad.

However every now and then you run in one of these guys. That black calf is on the outside of the fence. He didn't like the way I sounded so I tried to quietly pass by. This gal was just curios to see what I was up to, and I expect she doesn't get many visitors out here.

That may look like a puddle, but it was a stream. I think I found the deepest part of that "puddle" as I was crossing through it. I could hear my tail pipe gurgling. Water was up to my knees. I was so worried about falling over because I had my camera on my back. After surviving that puddle I found another one just down the road about another 1/4 mile. I think next time I'll take that left in Albuquerque.

Mmmm Graaaapes

Rancho Seco sits almost empty. It's not running. Not sure why. Something to do with California not like this type of power production. We like the more polluting types.
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Living Dangerously

I'm going to let you guess how my fence there where Hannah is standing got broken. Not who, but how. It was actually Sam.
I came home from work and saw his hand reach up and grab the fence to pull himself up. Snap! He was on the other side of the fence, and all I could just see was his hand holding the piece of wood. "SORRY!" He yelled in panic. I was too tired to give a crap. "Just use the gate please."
Now appearently it's made it easier for the kids to climb over the fence. In defence of the kids, they worry about opening the gate and letting the dog out. Plus it's hard to open and close the gate when your a tiny little guy.
As for Hannah, she always looks good. Even when climbing over fences.
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The Boys

From left to Right: Simon, Patrick, Garrett, Sam, and Cameron.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

How did you spend yours? We did homework.
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Trolley Square Shooting

Suzi and I were shocked to hear on national news about the shooting there in Salt Lake. What a tragedy. Thank goodness there was an armed off duty police officer there at Trolley Square when it happened.

Trolley Square has one of my favorite places to eat a summer lunch. I don't know how many thousands of lunches Jamie Gull and I ate there at Desert Edge Brewery. I loved eating outside there on the balcony pictured above.

Over the years I loved eating there; when I went to school at the U, worked for Airtouch, worked for 3com, and (finally when I could afford to eat lunch out) Schering Plough. When I worked at 3com, whenever it was someones last day I swear we ate there every time.

I loved it because most times you could walk right in and sit down. There really wasn't a bad seat in the house inside or outside. I think they have the best Ruben in the state, and certainly the best Ruben I've ever had. Easy to get to. Parking, I remember that could be a pain, but well worth it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Saturday Morning

Patrick and Sam didn't have any Soccer this week so we actually got to sleep in, well a few of us slept in. Where is Sam you ask? He's still in bed of course. He may not go to bed that well, but he knows how to sleep in just fine.
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What is this?

It's only the sweetest exercise room ever!
Suzi's said get those big black ugly speakers out of my front room. I hate them. About 10 years later I jumped right on that and I have moved them to my new exercise room. Those two saw horses may look just like saw horses, but really it's an entertainment center that holds my tuner, and DVD player. The file cabnit is a tv stand. Sure the tv size may be a little weak, but I just crank up the volume and I don't even notice. Throw a movie in, go for an hour run, and finish with some weight lifting.
I know Jeffery Davis is dieing to throw out a crack like "here's an idea, why don't you try using it evry now and then." I just pieced it all together recently. Here's my favorite part of the photo. I noticed this after I posted the photo. You would never notice unless I pointed it out though. Just above the tv on a hanging rack is 11 cans of Dr. Pepper. Just to the left of the Dr. Pepper is a box full of Doritos, Cheetos, and other snacky goodness.
One more good reason to visit us in Lodi.
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Romney kicks off White House bid

He's being interviewed on the Today show tomorrow if that makes any sense. Today show tomorrow.

CNN Article about his announcement.

Last week here in Northern California two popular radio shows each ran a segment during their shows asking the public like if they would vote for a Mormon. The radio hosts tried very hard to be patient. I think after a while they got wore down by the nuttiness.

The first show I laughed at most of the callers. The second show I got wore down and called in as the last caller. A ton of nut jobs called the show with some crazy reasons why they wouldn't vote for a Mormon: "We can't go in their temples." "They don't believe in Grace, they think they can save themselves." "It says in their Book of Mormon that they can do anything they want to a gentile." "They follow a prophet so if a president was elected he would follow him and not the law."

It was funny to me. 99% of what people stated about Mormons were absolutely false. With the one exception of "We can't go in their temples". To which I say that isn't even necessarily so. It's easier to get in a LDS temple than to get in a lot of other buildings on this planet. Those guys out there in white shirts, ties, and name tags are inviting people everyday. If you really want to go in so badly (which I'm sure you do not, so I don't know why that bothers you so badly) get baptised and go.

The rest of the reasons were as I said very strange, and I have no idea why that would figure into why you would vote for a person or not. Not to mention they were most often wrong. Regardless, they are real issues for people out there even if I think they are bigoted.

One of the things Mitt is getting grief for is his stance on abortion. Which I don't think most people understand his stance. I know I don't. I think in Mass. he said he wouldn't do anything to change the current law. On a national platform I think he has stated he is Anti-Abortion. People call that a flip flop. I don't.

Latter Day Saints generally believe abortion acceptable is limited circumstances. Health of mother, rape, incest, etc. However, that being said I know many Mormons who are anti abortion, but believe in a woman's right to choose. It really is not a black and white issue for Latter Day Saints the way it is viewed nationally. That's why I don't call it a flip flop. Most Latter Day Saints believe in a individual adults right to choose anything he or she wants, however if it affects the overall population in a negative fashion (IE. pornography, gambling) they tend to be pretty hard line against it.

Me, the issue use to be very black and white when I was young. The older I get the more gray I see all over life. However, not too many of my views have changed. I just see things a little more softly if that makes any sense at all. I tend to think in terms of what is going to bring about the most Joy in life. Not nessesary what is easiest, or makes people happy right now, but in the long run what brings about the most joy. That is very hard to see at times in all issues. Very hard.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I was talking to a friend in the entry way of the house, she had dropped in to pick up her daughter. She and I were chatting about something when was walking by Hannah started in with:

"Dad....Dad.....Dad....(I give her the pointer finger impling "give us a second")"

She continues "Dad....Dad....Dad....( I once again give her the "ONE SECOND SIGN)

She Persists in an odd soft tone Dad....Daaad......Daaaad. "Hannah hold it!"

I continue chatting she says even more softly Daaaaaaad.....Daaaaaaad....Daaaaad.... I tell our friend "I'm sorry YES?" She say's "XYZ"

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Dad why do you have a hole in your ear. Georgia, everyone has a hole in their ear. NOOooo, you have one in your earlobe. No I don't. Yes you do. No I don't. Yes...you do. No I don't. DAD! Georgia, it's a dimple, I have a dimple in my ear, ok. You have a dimple in both sides of your ear? Dad, you have a hole in your ear. NO I DON'T. Yes you do. Ugh, ok, let me tell you what may have happened when I was young, but don't tell the other kids. A cat bit me me. I don't like to talk about it. It brings back nightmares........(Long pause)........... Dad. Yes dear? Were you one of those homie guys? (That means a gangster in Georgia talk) No I was most certainly not a homie guy. Well then why do you have a hole in your ear? I told you, listen, I just don't like to talk about it. Nightmares.
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Sunday, February 04, 2007


If I could live downtown in any US city Salt Lake has got to be in the top 3 for a bunch of reasons.

1) Mountain fun literally minutes away. (Skiing, Biking, Hiking, Snowmobiling whatever my vice)
2) Safe down town. Downtown SLC at 2am is safer than most cities at noon. Don't get me wrong there is scum in SLC, but somehow most of it is outside of down town.
3) The Utah Jazz a short walk, or free Light rail ride away.
4) U of U football and basketball a 5 minute light rail ride away.
5) Temple Square a Block or two away.
6) Shopping, Restaurants, Art, and Music and a thousand other things to do.
7) Price.

I saw this article about the City Creek development. If I were to move back to Utah I'd be putting in a strong argument for this development. I think the kids would love it.



Now we know who drinks all my Diet Coke's when the Garces family comes over.
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Gang

The Hazelhoffer boys with the kids.
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High Tech Teasing

I found this picture in my picture file from a year or more ago. Apparently the boys were using the computer now to tease the sister. Too funny not to post on the blog. Teasing really isn't a frequent occurrence in the house. For the most part they are all pretty good to one another, and I think that's why I found the picture funny more than anything.
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Soccer Sam

If you watch closely you'll see Sam slide in and score a goal in the beginning of the Montage. All pictures from Sam's games today.

Driving in the Fog

I remember moving to the Central Valley and loving the idea of no more cold snowy driving days. However everyone told me about the horrible fog. "It will be so thick at times that it will make me misserable."

Well I still enjoy the fog. Call me crazy, but you don't have to shovel fog. After you don't shovel it, you don't have to once again go out and shovel it a second time. You don't have to put salt on it. You won't slide off the road into a pile of fog. It doesn't keep you inside because it's fogging like crazy right now. It's really kind of nice stuff. Not to mention it burned off by 9am today, and it heated up to 65 degrees.

The only draw back is that you do have to slow down when driving in it, and others may not slow down when driving in it.
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The Fog

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Suzi's out of Town!

Suzi went to Utah to see Aunt Annie's brand spanking new baby leaving me and the kids instructions for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Georgia is my Administrative Assistant, reminding me of the many appointments, rules, and chores that are to be completed/ enforced.

For example, Dad don't forget to take a treat to Sam's Soccer game. Dad everyone needs to brush their teeth. Dad we are suppose to pick up Patrick after Sam's game at Rick and Julie's. Dad you need to feed us. Dad don't talk with food in your mouth. Dad we need to get ready for bed. Dad don't change lanes like that. Dad go the speed limit (I don't think those last two were on the list).

Who needs a list when you have Georgia.
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