Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Vietnamese food. BLAH! Went to a V. place today. NOT MY CHOICE, being a nice guy. So I find something kind of tame, and they bring out the "salad" (read iceburg lettuce... that's it) and some kind of soup. So I eat the salad (iceburg lettuce), and take a drink of the soup, I gag so loud everyone in the place looks at me. I gag again, and thinking..... do NOT throw up! Again, all eyes on me. My buddy says to me "that's not for drinking mate!" I say "this isn't for anything! What the hell was that?" He says "It's fish sauce for dipping your chicken" (that sounds kind of.... funny). Yeah, not a fan of drinking the fish sauce or any dipping anything in the fish sauce. Nope.


mauerjax said...

I can't tell you where um reading this, but I can tell you I'm LMAO.

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